10 Technology trends in the travel industry

The travel industry plays a very significant role in the country’s economic growth as it contributes to the GDP of the country and also provides job opportunities to the large scale of people. The Travel and Tourism (T&T) industry directly contributes about 3.6% of the world’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and, indirectly contributes about 10.3% […]

2024 Summer Vacation in Coorg Abbey Falls

Coorg Abbey Falls

Summer holidays have started and so the family discussion about where to go during the summer vacations travel in India. If you are also in search of a destination that can give you a cool and relaxed journey in this scorching heat then Coorg Abbey Falls can be the best choice for you. It can […]

5 Cheap Holidays Places To Travel In India

We have 28 states in India and every state has its beauty and tradition. Exploring all of them is not possible as every person has different conditions. Whenever you plan a trip the most important factor that is taken into consideration is the budget. Every person has their budget and crossing that creates a disturbance […]