20 travel tips for Kedarnath Dham Mandir

The good news for all the Shiva devotees is that the Kedarnath Dham Mandir gate opened on 10 May morning. Kedarnath temple was decorated with 40 quintals of flower petals. Shiva devotees have been waiting for this moment for a long time.

After opening the gate of Kedarnath Dham mandir every Shiva devotee was filled with joy because they were eagerly waiting to meet the lord Shiva. If you are also packing your bag for the journey then these tips should be kept in mind so that no obstacle arises and you have a spiritual and peaceful journey.

20 Things to carry while traveling to Kedarnath Dham Mandir

Traveling can’t be successful if we are unaware of the things that are mandatory for the journey. So we are listing the things that are a must for your Kedarnath journey.

  1. Carry a Valid photo ID:- Your face is your identity so carry a government-issued photo ID, like an Aadhar card, PAN card or passport for identification and registration purposes.

  2. Obtain required yatra permit:- Obtain the required yatra permit or permission before embarking on the journey.

  3. Warm clothing for the coolest yatra:- The temple of Kedarnath, developed on the peaks of the Himalayas, is covered with a blanket of snow, hence it is always cold there. Therefore, to avoid the cold there, carry warm clothes with you.

  4. Rain gear is a must:- Kedarnath Dham mandir is situated on the top of the Himalayas so chances of sudden rainfall are there so you must carry rain gear with you to protect yourself from rain.

  5. Good grip trekking shoes of lightweight:- A way to Kedarnath is full of cold and herbs that can hurt you so it is important to carry high-ankle shoes. As you have to trek for a very long distance light weight will play a key role in supporting you while you trek.

  6. Lightweight backpack:- One has to carry so many essentials while traveling so always keep your backpack ready. It should be lightweight so that your back doesn’t get hurt.

  7. Water bottles:- In the absence of water your energy level gets lost and you will face dehydration, so always keep a refillable water bottle so you can keep yourself hydrated.

  8. Power snacks for instant energy:- When travel is long you might feel hungry and urge for instant energy so to maintain that keep your bag filled with power snacks like nuts, protein bars and dry fruits.

  9. First Aid Kit:- It is very important to carry a first aid kit because an emergency can occur at any time. So keep all those medicines which you feel are essential for you.

  10. Torch:- You have to travel the whole day and night so keep a torch with you for navigating in low-light conditions.Kedarnath Dham Mandir

  11. Personal hygiene items:- To keep yourself protected from germs and diseases personal hygiene needs to be maintained. Keep with you Wet wipes, tissue paper, hand sanitizer and other personal hygiene items.

  12. Protection from harmful UV rays:- The sun emitting harmful UV rays can damage your skin so keep your skin protected with sunscreen also brightening the sun can cause headaches and strain to the eyes so keep goggles and caps with you.

  13. Personal Identification:- this should always be carried with you in case of emergency.

  14. Carry camera:- You can’t miss the beauty of lush green valleys and snow-capped mountains so if you love to do photography then carry a camera along with you.

  15. Power bank:- Due to the limitation of charging facilities keep a power bank with you so that you can keep your electronic devices charged.

  16. Trekking Poles:- Carrying a trekking pole or hiking sticks can provide support to your legs by providing stability and reducing strain on joints on rough terrain.

  17. Carrying cash:- Nowadays we are not in a habit of keeping cash in our wallets due to the availability of cash but during your Kedarnath Dham mandir yatra it is advisable to carry some cash as ATMs might not be readily available in the region.

  18. Emergency contact numbers:- An emergency can happen at any time so keep the emergency contact number saved in your mobile.

  19. Reusable bags:- They are easier to carry compared to plastic or paper. Keep it for segregating waste and to bring back any non-biodegradable items.

  20. Carry personal Items:- Personal items like religious offerings, prayer items or other special requirements.

These are the important things that need to be carried while traveling to Kedarnath Dham Mandir for a peaceful and hassle-free journey. Any problem during the journey can spoil the beauty of your visit so you must keep the essential things with you and enjoy the peaceful journey.


Que:- What is the best season to visit Kedarnath Dham mandir?
Ans:- Summer (March-June) weather is cool and temperate.
Monsoon (June -October) should be avoided.
Winter (November –February) is cold and covered in snow.

Que:- Are there any ATM facilities in Kedarnath?
Ans:- No, there are no ATM facilities in Kedarnath. You can withdraw the cash from locations like Rudraprayag, Agastyamuni and Guptkashi and carry the cash when you visit Kedarnath dham mandir.

Que:- Which is the nearest airport to the kedarnath?
Ans:- Haridwar junction is the nearest one at a distance of 238 km from Kedarnath Dham mandir with numerous trains connecting Haridwar junction and with other major cities like Delhi, Lucknow and Kolkata etc.

Que:- Are jeans allowed in Kedarnath?
Ans:- At any religious place, it is expected to wear modestly so one can decide based on it. There is no dress code for this temple but you can find people wearing shirts and trousers, dhotis.

Que:- Which shoes are required for the Kedarnath dham mandir  trip?
Ans:- High-ankle lightweight trekking shoes as you have to trek for a very long distance and this kind of shoes supports you while you trek.

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