2024: Maldives India tourism facing downfall

Maldives is highly dependent on Maldives India tourism for their economic needs and India was the top tourist market for the Maldives, with over 200,000 tourists per year from 2021 to 2023. This percentage has dropped by 33% and reached the sixth position on the list. Maldives also faces threats of macroeconomics and external shocks. We are looking at such an alarming condition minister of Maldives Tourism Ibrahim Faisal appeals to Indian tourists to be a part of Maldives India tourism.

In an interview with PTI Videos, “Maldivian Tourism Minister Ibrahim Faisal emphasized on the historical relations between his country and India. We have a history. Our newly elected government also wants to work together (with India). We always promote peaceful and a friendly environment. Our people and the government will give a warm welcome to Indian arrivals. As the Tourism Minister, I want to tell Indians to please be a part of Maldives India tourism. Our economy depends on tourism,”he said”.

Reasons why Maldives India tourism is facing a downfall from Indian tourists?

India and Maldives are always in a peaceful relationship and its economic growth is dependent on the Indian tourist. But there are certain reasons which have strained this relationship between India and Maldives and have weakened the Maldives India tourism.

  • PRIME MINISTER MODI’s visit to Lakshadweep sparked offensive remarks from Maldivian social media users against India which affected the Maldives India tourism.

  • Maldives’ deputy minister insulted PM Modi, causing a dispute. Indians, upset by this, are canceling trips to the Maldives, affecting its  Maldives India tourism economy.

  • Until December 2023, Indian tourists formed the largest group visiting the Maldives, with 209,198 arrivals, followed by Russia (209,146) and China (187,118), according to the Maldives India tourism ministry data.

  • This backlash comes at a time when India’s outbound tourism was growing rapidly, projected to spend over $42 billion annually on travel by 2024.

Maldives is known for its various water activities, beaches, stunning islands, and turquoise water. If you are also a water lover and want to experience a variety of water sports then you can go to its famous tourist spots and enjoy it. The Archipelago of the Maldives is the main source of attraction to many tourists so visit these places and strengthen the  Maldives India Tourism.

Best places to visit to promote Maldives India Tourism

If you are planning for Maldives travel then don’t miss these places.

Artificial Beach

As the name implies it is a man-made beach or artificial beach, but it will not give the feel of an artificial beach it looks natural. It is the best place for hanging out for the beach lovers and the foodies. You can enjoy the food at Lounging areas, barbeques and cafes.

  • You can also visit the Oxygen café for tasty meals.

  • Watching the sunset is a very relaxing thing to do. So you can watch the sunset at the artificial beach.

  • Walk alongside a beach with your partner for a loving experience.

Male city

It is also the famous place of Maldives. Here you can experience the culture of Maldives. The ancient mosque, colorful buildings, turquoise waters, and swaying plan trees enhance the beauty of the male city. Experience of lively market and tasty food will make your day.

The main attraction of the male city

  • Grand Friday Mosque:- It is the largest mosque in the Maldives, and also one of the largest in South Asia, admitting over 5,000 people.

  • National Museum:- The museum has a valuable collection of objects of the past that depict the history and rich cultural heritage of the country.

  • Tsunami Museum:- It is a grand memorial built as a tribute to honor the 74 lives lost in the 2004 tsunami. It is a great place for those looking to dive into the pages of history.

  • Delicious Seafood:- If you are visiting the Maldives then you must try these popular dishes.

  • Garudihya

  • Kulhimas

  • Miruhulee boava

  • Maldivian Fish Curry (Mas riha)

  • Rasrani Bageecha:- Previously known as  Sultan Park is known for its lush greenery and quiet surroundings which makes it ideal for picnics and walking.

  • Majeedhee Magu:- It is the most famous street market in Male. You can shop for cosmetics, handlooms, and jewelry to electronic items at Majeedhee Magu.

Addu Atoll 

Addu City also known as Seenu Atoll is famous for its heart-shaped atoll which is a natural anchorage and was used by the British during World War 2.  It is home to a range of unique fish, mammals, and birds. You can enjoy various thrilling water activities like diving, snorkeling, and fishing.

The Muraka-Conrad

It is the world’s very first underwater hotel suite. It is part of the Conrad Maldives Rangali Island Resort, owned by Hilton Worldwide. If you want to have an underwater experience of spending day and night then you can book a stay at Muraka. It is a luxury suite with a master bedroom, twin bedroom, sun deck, and infinity pool on its upper floor and a double bedroom and bathroom in the underwater section. This bedroom has a curved acrylic glass ceiling and walls that allow guests to observe the sea life outside.

Adventure you can’t miss in Muraka:

  • swimming with dolphins, snorkeling and diving, fishing, windsurfing.

  • You will get your chef with a supported top-class butler service. You can satisfy your taste buds with the tasty food cooked by the chef.

  • You can cherish the experience of spa treatment underwater.

Vaadhoo Island

Vadho Island is a wonderful wonder of nature that glows at night. It is also called the Sea of Stars. If dig into the scientific reason behind the glowing of the island a tiny microorganism—a phytoplankton called a “dinoflagellate”—reacts with oxygen under the water and is triggered to produce this blue glow.

Things to do on Vaadho Island:

  • Watching the amazing “Sea of Stars,” where the waters glow neon blue at night.

  • Scuba diving is a wonderful experience in which you can go close to the water animals.

  • You can also enjoy swimming.

  • Experience a relaxing spa session with deep tissue massage, pedicures, specialized facials, and body scrubs, and rejuvenate your body.

  • Surprise your lover with a candlelight dinner by the sea of stars.

  • practice yoga on the yoga pavilions of the spas.

Maldives minister urges Indian tourists to visit their country and promote Maldives India tourism. This summer vacation you can plan a trip to Maldives and enjoy the various water activities and delicious seafood.


Que:- Is English spoken throughout the Maldives?
Ans:- The official language of the Maldives is Maldivian (Dhivehi) but still English is widely spoken throughout the country, especially in resort areas as well as Male.

Que:- What currency is used in the Maldives?
Ans:- The currency used throughout the Maldives is Maldivian rufiyaa however the Euro and the US dollar are also widely accepted. All major credit cards can be used at resorts, restaurants, and shops in Male and several other islands. Withdrawing money from ATMs is not usually possible. 

Que:- When is the best time to travel to the Maldives?
Ans:- Between December and March is the favorable season to visit Maldives.

Que:- What are some useful Maldivian phrases?
Ans:- Hello – Assalaamu alaikum
Please – Adhes kohfa
Thank you – Shukuriyaa
You’re welcome – Maruhabaa
Excuse me – Ma-aaf kurey
Nice to meet you – Baddhalu vee thi varah ufavejje

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