2024 travel destinations for solo female trips

Solo female trips can be adventurous journeys for those women who want to fly independently. Most often women are seen traveling with their families and are bound to a disciplined life, they can’t roam freely and have to adjust according to the needs of the family. If you are also one of those who want to enjoy the solo female trips and be your boss then in 2024 there are selected destinations which you can choose from and enjoy your travel freely and independently.

There were times when women were scared of going anywhere solitary. They need a guardian every time on their side to safeguard them but now the times change. Today women are more independent and secure, be it financially or emotionally. They have learned the technique of enjoying life independently. Women need freedom while traveling also as a result solo female trips emerged and it has become a trend in modern lifestyle. If you are also inspired by the concept of solo traveling and want to enjoy it then there are recommended places which you can choose for solo travel.

Best places for solo female trips in 2024

You have decided to travel alone but before choosing any place always consider safety first. Always do proper research on the place you are traveling. Here are some of the places that you can consider for solo female trips.


Japan is the best country for females to travel solo as it is considered one of the safest countries in the world with low crime rates and robust hospitality which Japanese keep towards foreigners. Most women feel safe traveling solo in Japan, and there are many tours for solo travelers too.

Key points for Japan itinerary:

One should always give importance to the safety of traveling to any of the country and research about the safety precautions in that country. Although Japan is considered safe but still thieves and criminals are always in search of victims so you can consider these safety points if you are on a solo female trips.

  • Walking long dark streets at night is still considered dangerous, unfortunately, more for solo female travelers.

  • Using a coin locker to keep your luggage safe whilst traveling from one area to another is common in Japan for lots of travelers.

  • Try to book shared accommodation whilst traveling in Japan solo as it will help in making new friends and also a cost-effective way to stay in Japan for longer periods than booking a solo room in a hotel.

         Certain phrases are beneficial to learn in Japanese like:

    Bus – バス(Besu)

    Ticket – チケット(Chiketto)

    Train – 列車 (Ressha)

    Help – ヘルプ (Herupu)

    Hello – こんにちは (Kon’nichiwa)

    Goodbye – さようなら(Sayōnara)


Argentina is a beautiful country between the rugged Andes Mountains and the vast plains of Patagonia; it’s a land of unparalleled beauty. It is one of the safest countries for solo travel in Latin America. Argentina is famous for its excellent wine and food, as well as music and dance.

Key points for the Argentina itinerary:

Safety points for solo female trips.

  • Avoid using your mobile phone in the street.

  • Always keep your personal belongings close and out of sight.

  • Keep your purse or backpack containing valuables close to you and within sight.

  • Check entry, testing, and vaccination requirements before you travel and check you have appropriate records.

  • Get local advice on your itinerary. Follow advice on areas to avoid.

Famous phrases to learn while traveling to Argentina

1. “Do you speak English?”.
In Spanish: “Hablas ingles”.

2. “I understand a little”.
In Spanish: “Entiendo un poco”.

3. “I’m Lost”.
In Spanish: “Estoy perdido/a”. (If you are male use o, if you are female use a).

4. “I need help.”
In Spanish: “Necesito ayuda”.

5. “I need a policeman/doctor”.
In Spanish: “Necesito un policia/medico”.

6. “Where is the bathroom?”
In Spanish: “Dónde está el baño”.

7. “The bill please!”
In Spanish: “La cuenta por favor”.


Egypt officially the Arab Republic of Egypt, is a country in the northeast corner of Africa, whose territory in the Sinai Peninsula extends beyond the continental boundary with Asia. It’s a beautiful country that has given so many inspired artists, writers, scientists, and intellectuals.  It is famous for its pyramids, pharaohs, mummies, and tombs, which flourished for thousands of years.

If you are also on solo female trips then Egypt is the place where you can experience breathtaking natural beauty.

Key points for the Egypt itinerary:

If you are on solo female trips then there are some tips which can make your travelling easy and comfortable.

  1. Keep your dressing subtle as Egypt is a conservative country and locals are very traditional about their dressing. Try to wear dresses which cover up your shoulders, upper arms legs and chest. You can wear long skirts, long pants, and full-sleeved T-shirts.

  2. If you are on a solo female trip then safety should be your priority, so choose the hotels that have security checks on the entrances as well as on exit.

  1. Always carry your hotel’s business card when you go sightseeing.

  2. Solo female trips will be safer if you choose a local female tour guide. You can get this by enquiring at the front desk of your hotel or consulting your travel agent on how to go about finding one.

  3. Always ride in the mixed compartment.

  4. Learn a few standard phrases of Arabic like:

Salam or Marhaba: Hello

 Ibtihki ingleezi? : Do you speak English?

 Jameel: Beautiful

 Ismi…: My name is…

 Shukran: Thank you

 Afwan: You are welcome (Reply to Shukran)

  1. Learn the Arabic names of the tourist places you intend to visit beforehand.

Sri Lanka

It is deemed the safest and top destination for solo female trips as its culture is predominately Buddhist. The sacred culture and religious thinking make it a safe place for women.  You can enjoy breathtaking mountains, lush green jungles, and rolling tea fields in Sri Lanka.

Key points for Sri Lanka itinerary for solo female trips:

  • Avoid wearing too-revealing outfits as it is a conservative country and respect women’s modesty. It is a country full of heritage sites and temples, you must wear clothes that cover your shoulders and knees – otherwise, you won’t be allowed to enter the premises.

  • Always act confident while traveling because people try to attack solo female travelers. You should not disclose where you’re staying and also, don’t let strangers know that you’re traveling all by yourself.

  • If you feel someone is stalking you then don’t go from the empty streets. Always pick the crowded markets to avoid any mishappening.

  • Try to learn some most used Srilankan phrases. Sinhalese is the language spoken in Sri Lanka.

Phrase to keep in mind:

  1. Hello – “Ayubowan” Aayu-bo-wan

  2. I don’t understand – “Mata Therinneh Nah” Mata Therenne Nah

  3. Please – “Karunakarala” Karu-nah-kara-la

  4. I don’t understand – “Mata Therinneh Nah” Mata Therenne Nah

  5. Do you speak English – “Oyate Ingrisi Katha Karanna Puluwanda”

  6. How much is it – “Meeka Kiyadha” Mehka Keeyadha

  7. Hotel – “Hotele” Hoh-taleh

  8. Food – “Kaama” Kaema

  9. Bank – “Bankuwa” Bankuwa

  10. Restaurant – “Kaama Kade” Kaema Kaday

Additional Sinhalese phrases

There may be some other phrases that you would like to know or have on hand.

  • Okay/Very Good- Hari Honda

  • How are you?- Kohomadhe

  • May I Telephone?- Mata Call Ekak Ganda Polu Wandeh

  • I Don’t Speak Sinhala- Singhala Danna Naa

  • Wait a Minute!- Poddak Inna


It is also known as Asia’s pearl of the Orient for the richness of its culture and the beauty of its landscape. It is the best country for solo female trips. The country has a strong culture of hospitality and respect towards visitors, so you can expect to be welcomed warmly wherever you go. Additionally, there are plenty of tourist-friendly areas that offer great amenities and attractions for solo travelers. With its stunning beaches, vibrant cities, and friendly locals, the Philippines is an ideal place to explore on your own.

Key points for the Philippines itinerary:

Planning for solo female trips and want to decide Philippines itinerary then these checklists can help you in carefree travel.

  • Pre-book your accommodation at least 3-5 days in advance so that you are not without somewhere to stay.

  • Avoid drugs! Any illegal activity will send you to prison.

  • Avoid Mindanao (often a place of political unrest and risk of kidnapping).

  • Keep your money in a money belt underneath your clothing.

  • The best Filippino Island for solo female travel is Palawan Take a mixture of Filipino Pesos and USD – the current exchange rate is around 70PHP to the pound or 55PHP to the dollar.

  • Learn the important phrases commonly used in the Philippines country.

Filipino is a native language of the Philippines so you can learn some phrases in the Philippines that will help you while travelling.

  • Good Morning – Magandang Umaga (po).

  • Good Afternoon – Magandang Hapon (po).

  • Good Evening – Magandang Gabi (po).

  • Hello/ How are you – Kamusta!

  • Oo / Hindi (o-o / hin-di) / Yes / No.

  • Salamat (sa-la-mat) / Thank you.

  • Walang anuman (wa-lang a-noo-man) / You’re welcome.

  • Paalam (pa-a-lam) / Goodbye.

These are the top destinations for solo female trips; apart from that, you can also consider other countries like Colombia, Ecuador & the Galapagos, Jordan, Thailand, Bali, and the Gili Islands. Whichever country you choose for solo travel it’s important to do the proper research of that country. Traveling solo brings so many challenges, especially for women. As a woman, you should keep your safety first then other things. Enjoy your bold and beautiful solo female trips.

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